Dear Burger Lovers of LA, 
Grass fed beef is...
Lower in saturated fats linked with heart disease

Lower in total fats which means fewer calories

Higher in beta-carotene and Vitamin  E

Higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium

Higher in total Omega-3s (omega 3s help fight depression)

Higher in CLA (CLA helps you lose weight)

Grass fed beef tastes better than grain-fed beef!!!

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Dear Earth Lovers,
Grass fed beef is good for the planet:

Grazing is good for the earth, sustainable and uses a natural resource: the sun.

In responsibly managed grazing, grass-fed animals renew the pastures by providing natural fertilizer which stimulates growth. (Feedlots depend on corn and other grains grown with synthetic, chemical fertilizers and pesticides which make for synthetic chemical burgers and a sickly planet.) Studies show that exclusively pasture-raised animals may actually decrease greenhouse gases. Go to for more info.

In contrast to feed-lots, no oil is used in feeding grass fed cattle since no machines are required. (Feedlots use 1.2 gallons of  oil per bushel of corn produced which is part of the reason the food industry is the second leading fossil fuel guzzler, after cars!)

A 12,000 sq mile dead zone has been created in the Gulf of Mexico from nitrogen run-offs from corn crops used for grain fed beef. (This is only one example of a dead zone.)

Elevated amounts of growth hormones in feedlot waste, eventually end up in the water where studies indicate that some fish are exhibiting abnormal sex characteristics. (Gross.)
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The Beef on Our Beef

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Greetings                        from the Grand Tetons!!

We are passionate about providing healthy, sustainable, delicious and flavorful beef.  All of our animals are exclusively pasture raised in Teton Valley, Idaho.  Unlike animals raised in factory farms, our cattle are never fed grain or anything else unnatural to their diet.  They are never given any steroids, growth hormones or antibiotics.  Our cattle live naturally, on green pastures, which means we are able to provide beef that tastes the way nature intended!