MON 7/27

Lunch: 3800 Barham, Burbank

Dinner: No Service


Lunch: 2900 W Alameda, Burbank

Dinner: Silver Lake Rec Center 1850 Silver Lake Dr


Lunch: 13400 Riversside Dr, Sherman Oaks

Dinner: 24600 Del Monte, Valencia


Lunch: Private Party

Dinner: N. Weddington Park, 10844 Acama, Toluca Lake

Friday 7/31

Lunch: 10600 Bluff Side, across from Universal

Dinner: Ladies Night, Hollywood Way and Magnolia, Burbank 91505

Saturday 8/1

Special Olympics USC

Sunday 8/2

11-230 Studio City Farmer’s Mkt, parked on Radford

3-7 14119 Riverside Dr, Sherman Oaks

WEEKLY SCHEDULE (Monday Jul 27-Aug 2)

(Schedule subject to change at a moment’s notice! Please check above twitter feed for exact location!!!!)

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The Patty Wagon Rolls into Los Angeles, bringing you delicious and healthy grass fed mini Hamburgers, straight from the Range!!

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